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Leden 2, 2011

Opera Help: Opera Link

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Opera Link

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Opera Link is a free service that enables data sharing between all your computers and devices. It synchronizes the following browser components, so they are available to you wherever you go:


Speed Dial

bookmarks bar


typed history


The web version of Opera Link makes your bookmarks available even from other browsers.

To use Opera Link, you need an Opera account. The username and password for your Opera account is also valid on the My Opera community website, the developer site Dev.Opera, and with Opera Unite.

Logging in

To use Opera Link, take the following steps:

Select Synchronize Opera > Enable Synchronization from the menu, or click on the Opera Link icon, located on the bottom left of the browser on the status bar, and select „Enable Synchronization“.

A wizard helps you to sign up for an Opera account. If you already have an Opera account, click on the button marked „I already have an account“.

In the final step, the wizard reveals a set of checkboxes that gives you detailed control over the elements that will be synchronized.

Once you are signed in to Opera, synchronization occurs, and the Opera Link icon on the status bar turns green. Thereafter, Opera Link continuously and automatically registers any changes you make. To disable Opera Link at any time, take one of the following actions:

Select Synchronize Opera > Configure from the menu, and choose „Disable Opera Link“.

Click on the Opera Link icon on the status bar, select „Configure“ and choose „Disable Opera Link“.

Synchronization details

The first time that you log in, Opera makes a backup copy of the bookmarks and

other elements that will be synchronized. The purpose of this backup is to

protect you in case the results of synchronization were not what you expected.

Please remember that when you use Opera Link together with more than one

computer, a change on one is reflected on all others.

If you use Opera Link together with

Opera Mini,

you will discover an „Opera Mini“ folder in the bookmarks menu on

Opera for desktop. If you use Opera Link both at work and at home and want to keep the

two sets of bookmarks separate, you may find it convenient to place all the

work bookmarks in a „Work“ folder, and all the home bookmarks in a

„Home“ folder, to keep them from being merged.

If two sets of bookmarks are merged, and you want to separate them into the

original two groups, go to

Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks,

and from the „View“ drop-down, select „Sort by My Order“.

The resulting list has one group of bookmarks on top, and the other on bottom.

Copyright © 1995 – 2010 Opera Software ASA. All rights reserved.

via Opera Help: Opera Link.


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